Yoga and Meditation at Pelan Pelan

We believe in the combination of healthy food, an active lifestyle and the healing energy of yoga. Bali is the perfect place to practice yoga for both beginners and advanced.
Take a class next to the river surrounded by Balis beautiful nature and discover yoga as a complete health discipline for body, mind and soul.

Every level is welcome at Pelan Pelan surf & yoga retreat and you will see how fast you can improve yourself, your strength, flexibility and relaxation if you’re going to fully engage with your surrounding and focus on yourself at the same time.

Various types of yoga

We have all kinds of yoga at Pelan Pelan. We choose and combine various styles depending on your own requests. The yoga classes are given in small groups and suits to all levels of experience and age. Our teachers have extensive experience with the following types of yoga:

Vinyasa Flow Yoga

We love to practice Vinyasa Flow at Pelan Pelan to link movement and breath flow. This style is famous for it’s smooth way to combine poses and breathing and bring different poses together in one sequence. Each movement is synchronised to your breath and you will feel how you getting stronger with every breath and pose you’re practicing. Ashtanga, Baptiste, Jivamukti, Power and Prana Flow could all be considered as Vinyasa Yoga.