There is no better place to learn (better) surfing than at our surf & yoga retreat in Bali. Year round waves and perfect weather makes it ideal for both beginners and advanced surfers. No need for a wetsuit, just put on some sunscreen, a bikini or board short and you're ready to go into the water. Our surf school and retreat is based just outside Canggu. Many of the best surf spots in Bali are close by and our local teachers will take you wherever the waves are ideal for your personal level. You can look up our local surf conditions and forecast at  Canggu Surf Report and Forecast.

Every day we pick a surf spot based on the level of our students and the conditions of the waves. Bali has plenty of surf spots to offer and we know where to find a wave that suits you!

Professional Surf School in Canggu Bali

To get the best surf experience we believe in lessons that fit your personal needs and whishes. At Pelan Pelan Retreat we make sure that all our guests get exactly that customised attention. The staff of our surf school have years of teaching experience and have all the important local surf knowledge to provide the best possible surf courses in Bali. All our teachers grew up around Canggu and know all the waves of Bali by heart. Beginner or advanced, at Pelan Pelan Surf School you will catch your wave! Every day before surfing we will pick a spot and time for the next morning- considering the tide, swell and your personal level of experience.

Personal surf lessons

Each morning our Balinese surf teachers can take you to the best beaches of Bali (based on where the waves are best) where they will give you a highly personal surf lesson. At our Surf School we have a maximum occupancy of 2 persons per surf teacher, meaning you will have a lot of attention to yourself. Surf lessons at all levels are given from monday to friday, and extra surf lessons in the weekends.

A surf lesson with Pelan Pelan Surf School:
  • Takes between 3-5 hours
  • A surfboard based on your level is included
  • Transport from Pelan Pelan Retreat to the waves is included
  • If you just want to try surfing you can start with one or two lessons
  • If you want to learn surfing correctly, 5 lessons at our surf school would be a perfect start
  • A 10 lesson surf holiday in Bali will improve your skills tremendously!
  • The best surfer is the one having the most fun
  • A surfer regards the environment and does not litter the ocean or beaches
  • A surfer respects the power of nature and always takes care of safety first
  • Go explore the fun of surfing with our experienced teachers

Advanced surf around Bali

Guided surf sessions are for surfers wanting to be taken to the best waves in Bali. Our local knowledge makes sure you will be at the right spot at the right time. You don't even have to take your surfboard with you (although you may) as you can try our boards.

Our prices and advice is as follows:
  • A guided surf session takes around 4-6 hours (always early in the morning)
  • A surfboard based on your level is included
  • Transport from Pelan Pelan Retreat to the waves is included
  • Waves are chosen by your experience
  • In your surf or get it all package 5 surfsessions are included, you may book extra sessions in the weekend
  • Ideal if you don't want the hassle and just surf a lot of good waves

Free surf around Bali with motorbike or scooter

With year round waves, almost every day a good surf spot will work. If you would like to have some free surf after your surf guiding in the morning or in the weekend. You can use our scooter with board rack (included in the Get It All Package). Almost every surfspot in Bali is accessible within 2 hours

  • A scooter costs €5,- per day extra if you booked a Surf package
  • Motorbike rental at location
  • We have scooters with a board rack to carry your board